RULE 14: Less Is More



In the spirit of this week’s 3-word advice for drummers, I’ll keep this one brief. 


This is true in both drumming and in life. Here are a few ways to utilize the “less is more” philosophy:


1) Simplify your grooves as much as possible; what is the least amount of notes needed to execute the song?

2) Remove all of your toms from your kit. What happens to your playing?

3) Play a jazz gig with just a snare drum and brushes.

4) Minimize the size of your kit overall. Can you still play musically on one drum?

5) When dealing with technical/musical issues during a rehearsal/performance, find the simplest solution, not the most complex solution.


1) Make a list of all personal possessions you own. Donate all items that are “wants” and keep only the “needs.”

2) Spend less money, save more.

3) Go backpacking for 1-2 weeks. You’ll learn that by surviving with less, it allows you to experience life more.

4) Talk less… listen more.

5) Reduce your carbon footprint (use less water, plastic, gas, electricity, etc.)

6) Worry less, stress less, and complain less. Life is short.

Less Is More. People who are insecure or afraid tend to hide behind “stuff”, just as a drummer might play a lot of notes because he’s afraid of space, afraid that his groove doesn’t feel good, or wants to be considered “cool” among his musician friends. The fact is that these are all fallacies. When you operate on less, you’re actually utilizing what you do have on a deeper level (aka the human experience or aka the groove). Less is more.

Steve SuchComment